Monetizing your blog from day one can be challenging, but it's not impossible. However, it's essential to strike a balance between monetization and providing value to your audience. Here are some strategies you can consider:

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Affiliate Promotion:
Enroll in affiliate programs that are relevant to the niche of your blog. Get paid to promote goods and services and receive a commission for each sale made using your affiliate links.

Produce and Market a Digital Good:
Think about writing and marketing a digital product, like an e-book, online course, or downloadable resource, if you are an expert in a certain field.

Provide Freelance Work:
If your blog is in a field where you are skilled, start off by providing freelancing services like writing, consulting, or design.

Email Promotion:
Create an email list from the ground up. Use it to distribute insightful content and advertise your own goods and services or those of your affiliates.

Advertised Content:
Speak with companies or brands in your industry and present them with opportunities for sponsored content. Tell your audience the truth about sponsored content.

Produce High-End Content:
If users pay a subscription fee to access your blog's members-only section or premium content, think about providing them with such options.

Contributions and Cash Jar:
Put up a tip jar or donation button on your blog so that readers who enjoy your writing can help you out.

Employ a Content Locking Technique:
Give away some of your best content, but "lock" your premium stuff behind a paywall or subscription service.

Offer for Sale Items:
From the beginning, think about selling products associated with your blog if you have a distinct brand or niche.

Provide coaching or consulting:
Provide your audience with coaching or consulting services if you are an expert in the topic of your blog.

Work Together with Local Companies:
Work with nearby companies to promote events, sponsored content, or events if your blog is local in nature.

Make Use of a Freemium Model:
Give away free basic content and charge for advanced or premium content.

Party Organizing:
If appropriate, think about planning and hosting niche-related events for your blog. Feed admission or look for corporate support.

Make Use of Social Media:
Use social media to publicize your blog and its monetization techniques in order to gain more attention and draw in possible sponsors or partners.

Search engine optimization:
Put your attention on SEO tactics to drive more natural traffic to your site, which will improve your chances of making money from different sources.

Don't forget to give priority to creating a solid blog foundation by offering insightful content and interacting with your readers. It's critical to avoid sacrificing the user experience in order to increase revenue. Being open and honest about any monetization tactics you use will help you keep your readers' trust from the outset.