There are a few other options you can look into if you want to monetize your Blogger blog without using Google AdSense. Here are a few choices:


1. Affiliate Promotion:
Promote goods or services that are pertinent to the niche of your blog and get paid a percentage of each purchase made using your affiliate links. Bloggers are welcome at many businesses and affiliate networks.

2. Advertised Content:
Collaborate with companies in your industry to produce sponsored content. This could be producing videos, writing blog entries, or endorsing goods in return for cash or merchandise.

3. Market Digital Goods:
Make your own e-books, printable, online courses, and other digital goods that complement the content of your blog and sell them.

4. Sell tangible goods:
If you have products to sell and your blog falls into a specific niche, you might want to open an online store and sell tangible goods straight from your blog.

5. Self-employed Services:
Provide independent contractor work in your area of expertise. Writing, advising, designing, and any other services your audience might find useful could fall under this category.

6. Model of Membership or Subscription:
Your blog should have a members-only area where visitors can pay a subscription fee to gain access to community members, premium content, and resources.

7. Contributions and Cash Jar:
If your content is valuable to your readers, include a tip jar or donation button on your blog so they can send you money directly.

8. Selling Art or Photography:
If you post photographs or other works of art on your blog, you might want to sell them as prints, stock images, or other digital downloads.

9. Provide online courses or webinars:
Organize webinars or develop online courses that you can sell to users. This is a fantastic method to make money off of your knowledge.

10. Advisory Services:
Provide consulting services if you are an authority in your field. This could entail private consultations, group coaching, or other forms of consulting.

11. Party Organizing:
If readers of your blog are primarily local or in a particular niche, you might want to plan and host events. For these events, you can either charge admission or look for sponsors.

12. Email Promotion:
Create and maintain an email list. Use it to market to your subscribers directly about your products, affiliate products, or sponsored content.

13. Collaborate with nearby companies:
Collaborate with nearby companies for sponsored content, promotions, or events if your blog is local in nature.

14. Offer for Sale Items:
Make and market branded products that are associated with your blog. T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and any other goods that your target market might find appealing could be included in this.

When looking into these options, it's important to know who your audience is and keep offering value. Additionally, since transparency fosters audience trust, be open and honest about any sponsored content or affiliate links.